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Well I have to say this is the absolute best program I have ever done and got the most support from in every way I needed. I just love, love it. It has really changed me not only on the outside but also in the inside mentally, emotionally and has helped me to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. It's been 24 months now since I've been on the program and it just keeps getting better and better. Comments like this are not uncommon for me these days… and I love it.

Finding something to wear that I feel beautiful in is never a problem. And the highlight for me is all of this is still happening 12 months after stepping back from the coaching to see if I could maintain the changes I made on my own - it shows the program has a lasting impact. When I joined my goals were to love how I look and to be fit enough to keep up with my teenage son. Bel delivered on both in a lasting way. Will this still work for me? I know how to help you break free of the struggle and how to do this as quickly and easily as possible. Are you prepared to keep paying this price emotionally and physically for the months and years to come?

Mid-life crisis begins in mids, Relate survey says - BBC News

Hello my lovely, Belinda Benn here… Do you worry you'll never get your body back or feel yourself again? Do you have odd symptoms like thinning hair, hearing sensitivity, blurry vision or bloating? Who Is This For? This is for women Plus who are struggling with their body and hormones. This is for you if nothing seems to be working. Why Listen To Me? What if you could look and feel better in your 40's and 50's than you did at 30?

It is possible! I knew something was very wrong but then things got a lot worse… I discovered my husband of 16 years had been cheating on me for most of our marriage all while preaching from the pulpit on Sundays and trying for our first baby.

Midlife Irish: Discovering My Family and Myself

Featured In. I suddenly gained weight - despite eating well and exercising. Please take a deep breath. I want you to be free from this mouse on the spinning wheel feeling forever. Imagine what a deep relief that would be.

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Your Solution. Silently struggling while taking care of everyone else. These biochemical changes cause many difficult and stressful symptoms. Maybe you can relate to some of these: Dropping Estrogen Leads To: Sudden weight gain, especially around the waist despite eating and exercising the same as before. Hot flushes and night sweats. Low libido and difficulty achieving orgasm. Trouble with your digestion, bloating and gas. Stress-sensitivity causing cortisol to rise making you gain weight especially around the waist.

You need to do things differently because your body has changed. You need to eat in sync with your hormonal cycle so food is turned to energy not fat no more worrying about gas, bloating or that sleepy, sluggish feeling. You need gentle, female specific exercise that burns body fat while boosting energy.

MIDLIFE IRISH: Discovering My Family and Myself

You need simple daily habits that lower cortisol to manage stress and help you sleep better. Most of the gurus have always been fit, they're younger and of course they look great.

Do they know how it feels to see their belly expanding by the minute in the mirror? Do they know what it's like to wake up exhausted, struggling to get through every day? Do they understand how hard it is dealing with mid-life hormonal changes? Maybe it worked years ago but it won't work for you now. You just can't push, push, push your body like this and expect to see results!! You become more stress-sensitive. Sleep, energy and moods suffer… Your hormonal symptoms get worse. But what to do?? You need a healthy lifestyle plan that makes time for YOUR wellbeing and happiness.

When you make this lifestyle shift… Your hormonal symptoms will improve so you feel yourself again. Someone who can help you create a healthy lifestyle for long-term results. This is the missing link to your success… A great Coach will get to the source of your problems quickly and help you overcome your challenges - so you can achieve real, lasting results. Think about it… How much progress have you made on your own so far?

The client success stories below were possible because each woman had personalized support from their own caring Coach… …To keep them motivated, accountable and on track. This is how they achieved amazing results in just a few weeks - even after years of suffering. Mother and daughter achieved great results together.

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Check out Karol's daughter Jasmin who lost 62lbs! Within 5 months I lost 53 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size For the first time ever I have a shapely and very sexy butt!! Here's Your Program. Here's What's Included:. No overwhelm or lots of reading. This is an easy to follow, straightforward plan for busy women.

Week-By-Week Coaching Videos. I show you what to expect and what to do - so you stay motivated and on track. Mid-Life Hormones Handbook. Includes the best foods and supplements for women over Lifetime Access To Our Private Facebook Group so you can connect with other women on the program to share your progress and celebrate your success.

Your Nutrition Plan A healthy eating plan to help you burn body fat and boost energy.

Natural, every day whole foods that you can easily find in your local supermarket or fresh food store. Over quick and easy, family-friendly recipes, no need to cook separate meals. No calorie counting, calculations or food weighing. Lots of flexibility. Follow the detailed plan or the broad-brush guidelines. You can repeat your favorite meals and swap recipes as desired. Bulk cooking options available. Your Coach will help you tailor the Nutrition Plan to your personal requirements and food preferences.

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Gentle exercise for the plus female body to firm and tone, target cellulite and burn body fat. No equipment required. Workouts can be done at home, at work, outside or in a hotel room. Short Routines that get results without exhausting your body or increasing inflammation to help prevent injuries and joint issues.